Leading producer & marketer on children’s goods in Russia


Our main lines of business are:

  • Book publishing
  • Branded stationery & Back to School products
  • Arts & crafts
  • Toys & games
  • Collectables & gifts
  • Party goods

We always develop our products with a focus on the interests and passions of children of the specific age group targeted. Our products are recognized by customers for their excellent quality, innovative technological solutions and bright, recognizable design.

We have a great history

ROSMAN Publishing House was founded in Moscow in 1992.
It became one of the first private publishing companies in Russia.

Rosman became a leading producer of children’s books. We work with the leading Russian authors and promote new projects.

The first book of Harry Potter series is published in Russian by Rosman. Over the next few years Harry Potter became the most commercially successful book series in the history of Russian publishing, with print run exceeding several million copies.

Rosman Toys department is established.
ROSMAN successfully expanded into new segments, such as Toys and Games, Arts
and Crafts, Party Goods and Jewelry for kids
becoming a strong player on the toys market.

Establishment of Stationery department. In just
a few years rosman became one of the leading companies in Russia’s Back to School industry.

ROSMAN started working with Peppa Pig
license, eventually turning it into one of the
most successful preschool brands in Russia.

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Working with brands

ROSMAN is a licensee of major international brands.

ROSMAN is a full-cycle children's brands promotion company which provides the following services:

  • Localization or/and greenfield product line development based on a licensor's style guide;
  • Content production for Russian major TV channels;
  • Promotional programs;
  • Countrywide distribution in all trade channels from kiosks to wholesale and major retailers.

We develop and market
our own brands, such as
Kreatto, Olala, and Caramella.

Peppa Pig

Peppa pig

ROSMAN owns exclusive rights for the majority of categories
of Peppa Pig brand for Russia
and Former Soviet Union.

Since 2012 we have introduced a wide range
of marketing support for the brand, including: Placing Peppa Pig cartoon on Russain TV Advertisement campaigns on radio, TV,
and Internet Branded areas in shops and fairs Thematic events for kids, etc.

As a result brand awareness in Russia rose from zero to hundreds of thousands searches in Google, Yandex and YouTube In just two years Peppa became one of the leading preschool brands
in Russia and it continues to grow.


ROSMAN is a leading company in Russian children’s publishing.

Since 1992, we have introduced thousands of products to customers in Russia and the former Soviet Union.

ROSMAN publishing has repeatedly won prizes and rewards.

We are the largest specialized children's book publisher in Russia and are one of the top 5 Russian publishing companies.

We publish books for children and young adults of all ages, including
by internationally renowned authors, such as J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, Christopher Paolini, and many more.

15 000 000Total annual print-run
Peppa Pig

Stationery and BTS

ROSMAN is one of the leading players on Russian
stationery and back to school market.


We develop and produce stationery for preschool
and school children.

Our products include:

  • textile products: backpacks, pen cases, bags, wallets, shoe bags etc;
  • paper products: notebooks, sketchbooks, notepads etc;
  • pens and writing: felt-tip pens, colored pencils, pens;
  • art supplies: gouache paint, water colors, modeling compounds etc.

We have licenses to the following brands:

  • International: Disney, Marvel, The Smurfs, Peppa Pig, The Minions;
  • Russian: Masha and the Bear, Souzmultfilm, Luntik.

Toys, Arts & Crafts, Party Goods

ROSMAN Toys is a fast-growing line of business.

ROSMAN produces wide range of A&C, Party goods, and Jewelry for kids both under international brands We also develop and produce products under our own brands: Kreatto (arts and crafts), Olala (party goods) and Caramella (fashion jewelry for kids).

  • distribution of market leaders' products: Hasbro, Mattel, Giochi Preziosi, Character, Ty, etc.;
  • exclusive producer and distributor of Peppa Pig toys in Russia;
  • licensed production made by requests
    of the company;
  • brand line which following the market trends, based on own original developments.


Rosman’s products are presented in all Russian regions. We have powerful system of total distribution and complex product promotion (brands, books, collectables, toys, stationery, BTS).

  • Central Russia 90%
  • Volga region 90%
  • North West 90%
  • South 90%
  • Urals 95%
  • Siberia 95%
  • Far East 95%

ROSMAN’s distribution covers 100%
of Russia’s territory from Kaliningrad
to Vladivostok.

We successfully work in all sales channels from kiosks to wholesale major regional and nationwide
retail chains.

ROSMAN is a complex supplier, which allows us to sell in all specialized sales channels, such as bookshops, gift shops, stationery and toys shop, etc.

Vast majority of our products are delivered directly to the sell chains
(up to 98% for books).

We have efficient chains of regional offices all over Russia and direct access to Ukrainian market through our subsidiary — Pero.

Our retail partners

Our key partners include major federal retail chains, such as: Auchan, Magnit, DIXI, O’Key, Pyaterochka, Lenta, Karousel, Perekrestok, etc.

Specialized kids retail: Detski Mir, DETI, Behemoth, Dochki Sinochki, Malenkiy Geniy, CMYK, MotherCare, Mir Detstva Bubble Gum, etc.

Regional retail chains: Raicentr, Europa, Lama, Polushka, Essen, etc.

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